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The main domains of ABC Kamin OÜ are designing, building, maintenance and expertising heating systems, also chimney sweeping and video surveying.

Our company (ABC Kamin OÜ) builds various masonry heating systems and their parts: masonrystoves,ceramic stoves,tile stoves, bake ovens, chimneys and chimney stacks, heating walls, grills, smokers, fireplaces. We also install modul fireplaces, stoves and chimneys.

We use tested modern technologies and materials.

Building process starts from project. For that we find out:

  • existing chimney condition
  • existing heating system condition
  • heating system purpose
  • proper location
  • building construtions
  • possibilities to connect system with chimney
  • rooms’ heating needs (temperature)
  • heating system power
  • warm air conduction possibilities, needs
  • heating system building style so that it could fit in interior

The project is made according to building standards and customer’s wishes.

In brick stove building we have moved forward from ordinary style to more special design. Our projects are custom made to your specifications, including size, color and type. We will help you with the design. If you already have plans or an idea of the look that you are trying to achieve,  we can build it according to your wishes. In design we are using lights, mirrors, natural stone, different shapes of bricks. You can see some examples in various gallery .

Our company represents Austrian Family company Keramische Werkstätte Angermayer in Estonia.

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